What if the feeling of anxiety doesn't mean something is wrong?

I have been putting myself out into the world in some new ways lately and I am noticing a lot of discomfort coming up.  

One instance in particular - I was preparing for a presentation I was doing online and throughout the process I noticed a lot of uncomfortable feelings and thoughts.

What if no one shows up? What if people don’t agree with what I say? What if I mess up my words and make a fool out of myself? I have never done this before and it could go all wrong. 

So much discomfort created by my brain. 

Other days my thoughts would be more positive, more motivating and inspiring. 

Super fascinating the multitude of thoughts offered up by our brains. 50/50 I tell ya. 

Fast forward to the day it was time to present and HOLY SMOKES! My anxiety was through the roof. My body was full of tension, tingly sensations in my arms, fast heartbeat, clenched fists and an overall feeling of yuck.  

I was feeling anxious, dread, worry, fear. All the things. 

And it was with me for what felt like the entire day. 

When I look into my past, the feeling of anxiety would be present every day, and it really prevented me from showing up in ways that deep down inside I really wanted to. The feeling I would feel in my body accompanied by the thoughts I was thinking would make me want to curl up into a ball, cancel all that had been planned, abandon anything I was about to do and hide. 

And this is exactly how I felt about my presentation. It felt like something needed to be fixed. Like something was wrong. Like I needed to cancel it because this feeling I was having was not okay. 

Or that’s at least what I made it all mean. 

Now that I know that anxiety and all emotions are part of life, which are created by my brain and they are meant to be felt, not fixed, I experience these moments differently. I am now aware enough to know that these feelings don’t mean something is wrong. 

Now I know that sometimes anxiety is going to be there with me, in my back pocket, and by allowing the anxiety to be there with me, along for the ride, I know that I can still show up and do the things. I can still show up and do the presentations. Try the new things and continue to put myself out there. 

Because anxiety doesn’t mean something is wrong. 

Anxiety can mean quite the opposite. 



More often than not I am feeling anxiety when I am trying something or doing something for the first time. 

Now instead of making it mean something has gone wrong, I am making it mean “I am on the right track, doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing in order to continue becoming the best version of myself.”

Discomfort is the price of growth and baby I am going all in on growth. 

And if discomfort and anxiety are simply vibrations in my body that feel a bit icky, I can totally handle that. 

I can handle all of it. 

Because when I allow the negative emotions to be there and I still go all in on me, I know that I am creating the most amazing life possible for me while also evolving into my best version. 

Oh, and it’s way more fun when I look at it this way too. 

If you’re allowing negative emotions to hold you back from living your dreams and you want to change that and go ALL IN on you, I’ve got you. Email me at carly@carlylowis.com letting me know you’re all in and I will show you exactly how I can help. 


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