What do I think about me?

What does my client need to hear today?

I have spent the last while asking myself questions such as:

What do I think about myself?

My first few attempts at answering this, my thoughts about me were among the likes of:

My hair is unhealthy. 

I don’t like my skin. 

My smile is nice and so are my eyelashes. 

I’m not smart enough. 

I am a slow learner. 

I am a great mom. 

I am funny, thoughtful, and kind.

I should be better at remembering all the things. 

So fascinating to see what I think about myself on a regular basis. 

So fascinating to see what thoughts go through my mind that seem like the truth but are simply choices. 

Then, I was challenged to ask:

What do I want to think about myself?

Wait, what? 

Hmm, well if you’re telling me that I can think anything I want about myself then I would think:

I am beautiful. Inside and out. 

I remember the perfect amount of things. 

I am a fantastic mother, wife, friend, daughter, teacher, coach, PERSON. 

I have a lot to offer the world, and I do. I help others and make a difference in their lives. 

I have a beautiful body. One that is strong, healthy, and full of energy. 

I am an incredible human being and I love being me. 

What a concept. 

The way I choose to think about me is COMPLETELY up to me. 

I love knowing that the way I think about me has absolutely nothing to do with what others have said about me, or what others think I am good at or not good at. It’s purely up to me to choose to believe amazing things about myself. 

I challenge you to ask:

What do I think of myself?

See what comes up. 

Realize that these aren’t TRUTHS about you, unless you want them to be. 

Be curious, compassionate and loving with yourself as you uncover what you think. 

Then ask yourself:

What do I want to think about myself?


Then start living into that person, the person you WANT to be, not the person you think you just are. You are entitled to be whoever and whatever you want. 

Start believing incredible things. 

Because, why not?


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