Uncertainty eh?

Lots of that going around these days. 

Uncertainty has been a very common emotion for all of us this last while and it’s one that doesn’t feel that great. 

We tend to feel better when we know the answers. When we know what is going to happen next. When we know how something will turn out. So we spend a lot of time and energy trying to control all the things in order to hopefully create some certainly for us and our lives. So that we can feel better. 

Sometimes it works. And sometimes it doesn’t. 

And it’s those times that it doesn’t work that feels the worst. 

Personally I am dealing with some uncertainty at the moment. I am 38 weeks pregnant and I am feeling uncertain because I have no idea when I am going to go into labour. I have no idea what day it will be, what time it will be, where I will be or what the experience will be like. 

It doesn’t feel comfortable. And at times I really wish I could know.

See, the interesting piece is, it has felt like Covid has been the instigator of uncertainty. But to be honest, we have always had uncertainty in our lives and we always will. Our futures aren’t and never will be certain. Even if it seems like we know, we can never be 100% sure what our next day, next hour, next minute will be like. 

So because I know that uncertainty is a part of my life forever, I have been asking myself some questions:

What would it be like if I was open to not knowing all the answers? 

What if I believed that not knowing was okay and that I would know exactly what to do when I needed to?

What if I believed that uncertainty wasn’t something to be afraid of rather it was something to embrace, allow and become familiar with because it’s a part of our lives as human beings?

What if I believed that the universe is always looking out for me and that everything that happens in my life, happens FOR me?

The answers that come from responding to these questions bring me a lot of comfort. 

I am focusing on believing that because I never really know what the future will hold, even when I really think I do, no matter what I will be okay. No matter what I will figure it out. No matter what I will be able to feel, process and manage my emotions and for sure, for 100% sure, I will have my own back no matter what happens. I will love myself, be gentle with myself and care for myself no matter what comes my way. 

Hang in there my precious friends. Uncertainty is a part of our lives, covid or no covid. 

How do you want to feel about it?


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