The emotions that I have been experiencing

this last year have been like nothing I have ever experienced before.






These emotions came on strong, took over me and completely altered my experience of my life. 

Nothing was good anymore. 

I didn’t know if I could make it through another day. 

I was trying desperately to remember that emotions aren’t anything to be afraid of and that a warm welcome is what they are looking for. 

But that was so far away for me. 

It’s like I had forgotten everything I knew. 

My thoughts were nothing short of horrifying and getting a “handle” on them was a full time job. 

My body was screaming out for me to pay attention but the circumstances with which I found myself left me barely scraping by let alone being able to sit with myself and be in my body. 

It’s been awful. 

It’s been really really hard. 

And I am telling you this because hearing others share their stories with me has kept me afloat.

Knowing I wasn’t alone enabled me to breathe and know that I can do this too. 

I am telling you this because I deeply care about all of us and I want to help anyone who is struggling. 

Sometimes the struggling comes from our opinions and perspectives on our emotional experiences. 

Sometimes the struggling comes from being labeled as people with disorders. 

People who can’t cope. 

People who are mentally unstable or mentally ill.

Because when we are identified in this way, it can cause a lot of harm.  

And not for lack of love or lack of a desire to help, but a lack of true understanding of what our emotions are, what they are here for and how to experience them in a way that allows for acceptance and understanding and curiosity. 

Because with acceptance, understanding and curiosity, we are able to release ourselves from the tight grip our emotions have on us. 

We are able to let our emotions express themselves and share with us what’s going on so that we can lovingly release the emotions that have been stuck deep down in our bodies for years. 

We are able to exist with our emotions rather than so desperately trying to get away from them. 

And this is the key, because we aren’t getting away from them, no matter how hard we try. 

Trust me, I’ve tried. 😉 

So if you’re feeling stuck in emotions that don’t feel good, if the emotions you’re experiencing are negatively impacting your quality of life, please take a minute, take a deep breath and tell yourself: 

There is absolutely nothing wrong with me. 

If you’ve been told you have an illness or a disorder and that doesn’t feel good to you, please take a minute, take a deep breath and tell yourself:

There is absolutely nothing wrong with me. 

You’re amazing. You’re strong. This is not your fault and…

I can help you. 

I will help you learn what it means to be in your body and feel your feelings. 

I will help you release the hold these feelings have been having over you.

And I will help you create feelings within that enable you to have the experience you desire on this earth. 

More love, more joy, more happiness. 

But not in spite of the fear or the anger, 

Because of it. 

I love you. 


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