My mind is going a mile a minute

How many times have you said the following sentences?

I am so in my head. 

My mind is going a mile a minute. 

I just want to be able to be present and in the moment. 

I used to say these sentences all the time. 

All I wanted was to be free from my mind talking at me all day long. 

To be free from the anxiety that would appear what felt like out of the blue. For no reason.

I tried vacations, and self help books, and counseling, and meditating, and some things helped for a bit. 

But overall, my mind wasn’t listening to what I wanted. 

I wanted calm and easy and free.

But my mind was still going

A mile a minute. 

I was always so in my head. 

Worrying and questioning and planning in order to try and control all the things around me.

Because if things could be figured out and planned then I could relax. 

I could calm down and feel settled. 

And then everything would be okay. 

And I so badly wanted everything to be okay. 

And you know what I have found out?

I was actually always okay. 

But I didn’t know that. 

Because with the anxiety pulsing through my body and my brain telling me that everything WASN’T okay, I had no other option than to believe that something was wrong. 

And so I want you to know that right now, in this moment, with your anxiety, with your mind going, with all the things…

Everything is okay

You are okay. 

I promise you. 

And I know you might be thinking “Car, things don’t feel okay though.”

I get it. I 100% get it. They don’t feel okay for me sometimes too. 

And I want you to know why. 

Because my brain is telling me that things aren’t okay. That anxiety isn’t okay. That I am not okay. 

The same might be true for you. 

When you feel your anxiety, and you’re in your head worrying and wondering and trying to plan everything, stop and take a minute and see if your brain is telling you “this isn’t okay”, “I am not okay”. 

Then instead of believing your brain try this:

“This doesn't feel comfortable right now, but I am okay. I am safe.”

And if that isn’t believable try:

“This doesn’t feel comfortable right now, and it’s possible that I am okay.”


And keep lovingly practising letting your brain know you are okay. 

Because I’ll tell you this - opening up to the idea that the anxiety you are currently feeling is okay is the first step to reducing it. 

Sounded like a slice of crazy cake when I first heard it too. 

But it’s true and it works.

And I wanted that so badly for me for so many years. 

And now that I have it, I want it so badly for you too. 

It’s my mission in life to help you. 

So, if you want to significantly reduce the anxiety that you feel, if you want to be more present, more out of your head and into the present moment so you can feel like you’re living your life rather than watching it pass you by, hear me when I say this... 

You can have that. 

And I will help you get it. 

So get your sweet little fingers typing me a message before you do anything else today. 

I’ve got you. I will help you. And I can’t wait to connect with you. 


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