Maybe this will help my anxiety...

Sometimes when we are anxious we go and do something. So that we won’t be anxious anymore. 

We might clean, or check our phones or eat. 

Or go on Facebook, drink, or call someone. 

Because we want to get away from that feeling. 

Because if we can get away from that feeling, then we can finally feel better. 

And we think that the food and the phone and the people will help us feel better. 

But it doesn’t work like that. 

Facebook doesn’t help us feel better. And neither does food or other people.

None of these things help our anxiety either.

But we keep trying. We keep eating and Facebooking and numbing ourselves to get away from our feelings. 

And it might feel like it helps. We have certainly been taught that it will. 

But it doesn’t. 

Not only that, but sometimes it actually ends up making our experience on this planet worse. 

If you’ve noticed yourself trying many different things to reduce your anxiety and nothing is working long term, I want to offer you that you might be looking in the wrong place. 

You might be looking to things outside of you to help you feel better. 

And that will never work.

But I know what will work. I know what does work. 

And I know that all of those answers are inside of you right now. 

And I will help you find them so you can start being the one and only thing you turn to when you want to feel better. 

And that my friends, is where all the magic happens. 

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