If I could eliminate your negative emotions, would you want me to?

If I told you I could take away your negative emotions, FOR GOOD, would you want me to?

If I could wave my magic wand and cast a spell on you which eliminated your sadness, anger, anxiety, disappointment and frustration, would you agree to the magic?

Hell yes!

Wouldn’t it be amazing? 

What it would be like to only feel positive emotions. We would get to go through life feeling happy, full of joy and excitement, love, compassion, motivation and did I say happy, all - of - the - time.

Pure bliss. 

Because isn’t a life filled with more happiness what we are all searching for?


We would wake up every morning with a smile on our face and a hop in our step. 

We would sing a happy tune as we shower and get ready for the day thinking of all the reasons we are so grateful to be alive. 

We would greet our sniffly children, who were up in the night and then woke up extra early, with love and calm and huge open arms. 

We would delight in making breakfast and lunches for ourselves and our children (for the 1 millionth time), as well as enjoy cleaning up toys, wiping noses and bums and doing all the things before the clock strikes 8am.

And not only that but we would be able to love our partners and our jobs and our houses and our lives and ourselves unconditionally. All - of - the - time. 

Sounds like a dream come true. 

However, the thing is, then we would have to feel happy about things we may not want to feel happy about. 

We would have to feel happy when someone we love dies. 

We would have to feel happy when we don’t achieve something we have been working so hard to attain

We would have to feel happy when we lose our job, when someone we love gets hurt, when we get broken up with, when the car breaks down and when we get in a fight with a friend. 

See, the world is full of things that happen. And some of those things we legitimately don’t want to think happy thoughts about. We don’t want to think positively and look for the good in all the things that happen. And that’s okay. That’s actually the way we want it to be. 

We don’t actually want to get rid of all of our negative emotions because we want the option of how to feel. 

We want to feel sad when someone we love dies and we want to feel disappointed when we don’t get that thing we really want. We definitely don’t want to only have the option of feeling positive emotions during moments like this. 

Having a life full of all the emotions is what allows us to lead full human lives. We can’t have the light without the dark. And I personally would never give up the light. I would never give up the excitement and happiness and joy so I am opening up to the dark too. 

Because, I want all of it. 


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Say no more. I'm in!
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