I woke up feeling anxious this morning...

It felt tingly in my arms and hollow in my tummy.

I could feel my heart beating quickly, my chest felt heavy and my face felt warm. 

I didn’t like it. 

I stayed with it because intellectually I know that anxiety is nothing to be afraid of, nothing to worry about. 

But I still didn’t like it. 

Sometimes just thinking about anxiety is “triggering” for me.

It’s been so well rehearsed and practised for as long as I can remember to think that it means that something is wrong. 

And that’s because I have actually been taught that. 

From a young age I was taught that anxiety was wrong, needed to be fixed and I internalized this to mean something was wrong with me.

Can you relate?

People even ask us “What is wrong?” when we feel any sort of “negative” emotion. 

So of course we start believing that something is wrong. 

And the adding of the wrong on top of the emotion feels awful. 

As I was laying there this morning, observing my body and my mind, I thought - what if emotions didn't mean anything at all, like actually didn’t mean anything-at-all?

What if it was as simple as vibrations in my body, which just means energy in my body. 

What if it was that simple?

What if I took ALL meaning out of it? How would that feel?

So damn freeing!

My pal Sarah reminded me that yes - emotions are just energy in the body. 

Emotions = energy in motion = e-motion.

Like come on, I know this stuff, like the back of my hand but the more curious I get with my beliefs about me and my emotions, the more I spend time with myself and my body and my incredible brain, the more I am wowed every darn day. 

For so many of us, the goal is to get rid of certain emotions and get more of the happiness one. 

But I am telling you right now, feeling free is where it’s at. 

And for me, freedom comes from knowing that when I am feeling anxious, when I am feeling doubtful, worried, uncertain - it’s simply energy in my body. 

And all it means…

is that I am alive. 

Living my big beautiful life. 

I get to decide - what everything means. 

And so do you. 

Have a beautiful day my amazing friends.


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