You know what feels so good?


I am so lucky. 

I am lucky to have a body that moves, breathes, laughs, eats, sleeps and plays. 

I am lucky to have a husband who deeply cares about me, our family and the world. 

I am lucky to have 2 beautiful children who bring joy, excitement and a new perspective into my life. 

I am lucky to have a fireplace that turns on in an instant and keeps me warm on cold winter mornings. 

I am lucky to live in a city and in a neighbourhood with thoughtful and caring people all around me. 

I am lucky to have fresh air, clean water, and a fridge full of food to fill my belly. 

I am lucky to have a Netflix subscription (thanks dad!) where I can watch all my favourite shows. 

I am lucky to live somewhere with snow and sun and rain and falling leaves so that I can play with my boys in all types of weather. 

I am lucky to have the world’s greatest friends and family who I love with all of my heart. 

I am lucky to have a job where I get to help the best people feel better and have strong mental health and wayyyy less anxiety as well as a job where I work with incredible children who fill my heart on a daily basis. 

I am lucky to have parents who love my boys and me more than I ever thought possible and would do anything for us. 

And I am lucky to have a brain. A brain that protects me, loves me and allows me to create the most beautiful life for myself and my family. A brain that allows me to feel the full range of emotions on a daily basis and the ability to manage all of those emotions all on my own. 

Oh and I am lucky to have the internet, so that I can be connected with all of you. 

Gratitude. One of my favourite feelings. And one that I can feel any darn time I want to. Simply by choosing to think thoughts that fill me up with a whole heck of a lot of it.


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