Getting what I want

I have started this month off setting some goals for myself. 

In December I am going to lose 10 pounds. 

So many thoughts come up for me when I think about this goal. 

For one, I used to be a person who didn’t set any goals because my brain would always tell me I probably wouldn’t achieve it so why bother. I believed my brain and didn’t set any. 

Now that I know that was just a thought my brain offered me and I can think whatever I want about myself and my abilities to go after what I want, I now set some goals. And some pretty amazing ones too. 

Because, why not? 

So I ask myself what it is I want and then I go to work achieving it. And I don’t tell myself, maybe I will achieve it or I hope I achieve it or I am trying to, I say I am GOING to achieve it. 

And if by chance I don’t, no biggie - because the worst thing that will happen is I will feel disappointed and I can totally handle that. I can process it and get back on the horse and get to work achieving it again. 

Now, when trying to lose weight it’s not always emotionally comfortable, and my brain likes to avoid discomfort so it turns to wanting to buffer away those negative emotions and choose to eat instead of feel.  

And when my goal is to lose weight, buffering with food isn’t going to get me there. 

And because I know that all of my actions (buffering with eating) are fueled by my feelings, which come from my thoughts, I went to work investigating this a little bit. And this is what I found. 

When we have chocolate almonds in the house, I am thinking that having them close by makes me want them, and that if they weren’t here, then I wouldn’t want them and it would be easier to stay on track.

However, having them in the cupboard is neutral. And it’s simply the thought…

I want them!

That makes me feel desire for them which in turn makes me go and eat them. 

Circumstance: Chocolate almonds in the cupboard 
Thought: I want them
Feeling: Desire
Action: Go and eat them

I know it may seem super obvious, but this has really helped me.

Because now when I notice the desire to have something that I am choosing not to eat at the moment, I decide what to think on purpose. 

Circumstance: Chocolate almonds in the cupboard 
Thought: I want them but I am deciding not to eat them
Feeling: Desire/Acceptance
Action: Feel the desire in my body, allow it to be there and don’t respond to it by eating the almonds, stick to my eating plan and get closer to achieving my goal. 

So simple. Not so easy at times. But so effective. 

And the cool thing is, I don’t have to eliminate every treat in the house in order to lose 10 pounds. I just need to manage my beautiful brain and it all falls into place. 

What thoughts create your desire to eat food? 

And if you want to come join me on my journey of managing my brain in order to get everything I want, reach out to me on here and we will get you started on your journey too. 


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