Decision Making

Things are opening up and questions are arising with regards to what to do come September. 

Our son Toby isn’t in school yet but the question of whether or not to have him return to daycare in September is something we have been asked to decide.  

It seems like a BIG decision. 

If we send him back, he could get Covid.

If we send him back he could have a ton of fun playing with his friends. 

If we send him back and he gets sick I would never forgive myself. 

If we send him back the staff could be very diligent at keeping everything clean & he could learn a lot by engaging in so many different activities. 

If we send him back and he catches Covid, it could put us and his new sibling as well as our extended family at risk of catching it too. 

If we send him back he could be completely healthy and never catch Covid.

So many different thoughts. 

See the thing I have realized is when I think it’s a BIG decision, it leaves me feeling pressured. Like I better make the right decision or else. 

But is there really such a thing as a BIG decision? Or are there simply just - decisions?

As well as the idea that there is a right and a wrong decision. A good or a bad decision. Who decided this? 

What if decisions are simply just that - a decision. A choice we make based on information and knowledge and something that we decide is the best decision for us no matter what happens.

What if the idea of right or wrong is simply a thought we made up and it’s completely up to us to decide what our decision is? AND once we have made a decision, what would it be like if we decided that no matter what this was the right decision for us at this moment?

You know what would happen? We would love ourselves unconditionally and wouldn’t attach any meaning about what kind of person we are or what kind of mother or parent we are because of that decision. You know what wouldn’t happen? We wouldn’t spin in indecision, taking a ton of time deciding what to do leaving ourselves in a state of anxiety because we are thinking “We don’t know what to do”.

Instead we could ask ourselves - What do I want to do? And why? And if we like our reasons then we could decide to go all in on the decision and decide ahead of time that we have made the best decision for us and our family. 

We could decide that no matter what happens we will have our own backs and will not beat ourselves up because of the decision we made. And if a decision needs to be changed then we can do that knowing that every decision we make is the best decision for us and there’s no such thing as a wrong decision. 

Then we could get back to living our beautiful lives knowing that the decision has been made, we love it AND we are amazing women and mothers and parents and always make decisions from a place of love. 

Here’s to all the incredible parents out there making decisions on a daily basis. Believe in yourself and your decision making abilities and once you have made a decision, commit to choosing to think beautiful thoughts about it. Because you know what? It’s completely up to you to decide that it’s the best. 


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