Corona Virus

Have you noticed yourself thinking “I just gotta get through this Corona virus time”? I just have to get through it. Or “I wish it was different right now so my life could go back to normal”?

I noticed myself thinking something similar and realized it filled me with dread and hopelessness. 

Just “getting through” is one way to look at our current situation. But to me, it doesn’t feel that great. It definitely doesn’t create the experience I would like to have in my life. It creates low energy, no creation of fun experiences for me and Toby, lots of simply waiting for the circumstances to change so I can have my life back. This isn’t how I want it. 

I was listening to a podcast and was reminded that thinking that way was optional. It’s one way out of a million different ways I can think about my current situation. I was reminded of this because someone I respect and admire was looking at it entirely differently. 

She was thinking things and asking herself questions like “How can I make this time in my life the best I’ve ever had?”, “The world needs me so I am going to create so much value by helping others and supporting those in need”, “What do I want to have accomplished in my life at the end of this period of time?” 

What a beautiful focus to give my brain. Rather than focusing on how to possibly get by, I can decide to make this the best experience possible. 

I am going to spend this time loving the heck out of my family. I am going to schedule Zoom chats to connect with those I don’t see and I am going to hug Olly & Toby every day and tell them how much I love them. 

I am going to use my time to write. To write about how I am feeling. To share my experiences and thoughts with others in hopes of helping them. I have knowledge that I can keep inside or share from the bottom of my heart to everyone and anyone who wants to listen. 

I am going to organize our front hall closet like nobody’s business. It’s going to be a work of art and every time I open up those sliding doors I am going to grin from ear to ear thinking about how organized and beautiful it is. 

By the end of this period of time, I am going to have learned some super creative ways to connect virtually with my students. I am going to have taught them some cool things and given engaging activities for them to do at home on their own. I will have supported my students and their families in all the ways possible, making sure to give them lots of love and grace during this new phase. 

By the end of Corona, I am going to look back on it as an experience that I created in order to suit me. Not one that was created for me. Although I can’t control the rules, other people or what the future holds, I can control how I live my days, how I interpret the world and what I choose to focus my attention on. I am in the driver’s seat and it’s going to be a ride of a lifetime. Who’s with me?

Lots of love from my family to yours.


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