Children are our greatest teachers.

Children are our greatest teachers.

We think that we are the ones that are teaching them all the things. And we are, we are teaching them a lot. But what if our children are gifts that are given to us to teach US all the things?

Let’s talk about love. 

Children are born into the world full of love. They love their toys, their beds, their cheerios. They love their bodies, their hair, their dance moves. They love exploring the world and meeting new people. They smile at strangers, laugh with people they don’t know and treat new faces as if they have been best friends all their lives. 

What a beautiful way to live. Children teach love

Children not only show pure love, they also develop a dislike for things too. They don’t love when they are told they have to go to bed when they don’t want to. They don’t love it when a friend at daycare has the toy they so desperately want and won’t share. And they don’t love when their mom accidentally lets cold water spray out of the shower right onto their face. 

All totally normal. A life filled with positive and negative emotions that come from thoughts they are thinking. 

The real lesson, however, comes from something very important that young children don’t do. 

What they don’t do, is make things that happen in the world around them mean anything. They don’t make other people’s words or actions mean anything negative about themselves OR the other person. And they definitely don’t make other people’s words or actions mean anything about their worth or their value. 

Young children are blank slates that come into this beautiful world with open hearts and open minds. They experience their emotions. They do what they want, when they want and how they want. They fight for what they believe in and they love with their entire hearts. Especially themselves. Unconditionally. Always. And never make anything mean that they aren’t good enough. 

Young children teach me that unconditional love is something I give myself. The greatest gift I could ever receive. It means literally that - loving without conditions. 

Thank you to the incredible young children (Toby - you’re one of them!) who have taught me the power and beauty of unconditional love. It’s something I am no expert at... yet, but with you as my teacher, I know it’s completely possible for me.


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